Bakery & Cafe

Certified Learning Scholarship Support

Many students left the centre after high school or even middle school and couldn’t find a suitable job or work but are passionate about business or social enterprise, hence we hope to provide those who need the scholarship.

Christine & Ann teaching the bakery team


More equipments and accessories
CBN sponsored Bakery Mixer



Mathew passed the sourdough bread training
Our big gas oven

Will you sponsor a scholarship for a student today?
Your kind and generous gift will further a student’s career and future. Some of our high school students display natural talent in the area of Bakery & Pastries cooking. These students need sponsors who will provide a scholarship to send them to few months at a Certified Learning Program so that they can operate the bakery & cafe. These life skills will allow them to go beyond the basics our facilities can provide and open many possibilities for these students. Would you love to change the life of a student today? A student can receive specialized training for for $500 USD.

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